How to Print Coupons from Android Phones

by | Jun 5, 2017 @ 12:00 PM


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I am so excited that I finally figured out how to print coupons from my Android phones!
I have Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and 5 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and all THREE are configured to print coupons from COUPONS.COM coupons.

Please note that you must have a wireless printer compatible with your Android phone in order for it to work.

1) Go to Settings

2) Click “MORE” (if you don’t see “MORE” type “Printing”)

3) Click “Printing”

4) then click “Download Plug-In”

5) Select your printer. (I have HP Officejet Printer so I downloaded “HP Print Service Plugin)

6) Click the plugin and click “INSTALL”


1) Go HERE and clipped at least 1 coupon and click “Print Coupon”

2 Click “Yes”

3) Enter Your Cellphone Number then Press “Send”

4)  You should receive a text with the verification code.
Enter code then press “Verify & Print”

5) Select a printer then click “OK” and click on the printer icon.

Congratulations! You are now printing coupons from your Android phone!

Hopefully these steps works for you. Happy printing! 🙂

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